The History of the Royal Lodge No. 207 E.C. records that the Lodge was first constituted in September 1789 as an Irish Lodge (No. 699). In February 1794, Royal Lodge (Royal) submitted a Petition to the Grand Lodge of England (GLE), praying to be granted a Warrant. The Petition was successful and in May 1794, Royal officially switched allegiance to the GLE, under the English Constitution (E.C.).

Our History suggests that "..the brethren, influenced by the better organized system of the 'Ancients' (or 'Atholls') ….. decided to abandon the Irish Warrant …". The rest is indeed history. Fast forward to modern time and Royal became a full member of the Association of Atholl Lodges (AAL) from the inception of the latter. The only other Lodge in Jamaica eligible for full membership of AAL is Friendly Lodge # 239. All others, assuming interest, are limited to associate or affiliate membership. (Association of Atholl Lodges).

In addition to the rationale suggested above, for the change of Constitution, there is an excellent Paper, written by an eminent Mason, speculating on the "inducements" for the change from Irish to English (Constitution) by Royal. Please see: DOWNLOADS, “What Inducements have you’ on this site.


Notwithstanding its full E.C. pedigree, Royal has maintained some of its Irish identity and traditions, the most obvious of which is the Irish emblem of the Naked Hand holding the Trowel. This emblem has remained the distinguishing feature of our Banner and is also the Seal of the Lodge. You can see this emblem in the top middle of the Portal Page through which you entered. And we take this opportunity to thank you for visiting. We hope that this experience proves to be a pleasant and rewarding one and that you will keep on visiting us here.

Royal meets routinely on the first Monday of each month - except August and September when we are recessed - commencing at 7.00 p.m., at 45, Barbados Avenue, New Kingston. Installation of the incoming Master takes place in May. This meeting starts at 6.30 p.m.