'Royal' and the Hall Stone Jewel


In 1919, after the First World War, Grand Lodge decided in response to a suggestion from the Most Worshipful The Grand Master, H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, to embark on the building of a new headquarters for the English Craft as a memorial to the many brethren who had given their lives during the War. For this purpose a special committee was set up in 1920 and an appeal made to every member of the Constitution for contributions to the fund which, from the target set, came to be known as the Masonic Million Memorial Fund. (A LIBRARY AND MUSEUM OF FREEMASONRY INFORMATION SHEET).

Lodges who contributed came to be known as Hall Stone Lodges and which gave the name to the Jewel which was conferred in recognition of their achievement.

A Hall Stone Jewel was conferred on Royal Lodge by the Most Worshipful Grand Master.  

As may be seen from the photograph, its form is symbolic.  *On the side squares are inscribed the dates 1914 - 1918, being four years of supreme sacrifice.  The wing-ed figure in the centre represents Peace, supporting a Temple.  This symbolises the gift, made by the English Craft Freemasonry, of the new Temple in honoured memory of those Brethren who made the supreme sacrifice in the cause of their King & Country,  Peace & Victory, Liberty and Brotherhood.

The Jewel is suspended by the Square and Compasses, being two emblems of freemasonry.  It is attached to a ribbon which is placed about the WorshipfulMaster's neck when, as has been the custom, it is presented to him (annually) by the Installing Master, at the Installation Ceremony. 

It is deemed that the wearing of this Jewel, as part of his Masonic clothing, by the Worshipful Master serves two purposes.  Firstly it provides visible evidence that 'Royal' has faithfully and conscientiously discharged its duties to the Fraternity and secondly, it should  inspire every Freemason to put service before self.*

The Hall Stone Jewel is transferred by the Worshipful Master to his successor, who in turn will transfer it to his successor and so in perpetuity.

(*Paraphrased from presentation address. -  LLV)

Hall Stone Jewel

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