Hyperlinks Potpourri

11.  DISTRICT GRAND LODGE (DGL) NEWSLETTER:    DGL'S July 2010 Newsletter is filled with current news and information, including the "good works" of our Royal Ladies in the Haiti Earthquake Emergency Relief effort - Pg. 7. (Download icon at top right of view page. 

10.  HE IS NOW A FREEMASON.  SO WHAT'S NEXT?  See what our own fraternal friend and Bro. Mike Fisher thinks of it in his prize-winning, short article to the Internet Lodge.  


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1. DEAD SEA SCROLLS: Take yourself on an exciting historical read-tour of the eleven caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. 



2. TWO SAINTS JOHN?:  Do you know the difference between the two Saints John?  Find out here.  Visit with an open mind and hopefully you will enjoy your stay there.  But please come back to 'Royal' to continue your browsing, if you should so desire.



3.  MORANT BAY REBELLION: Remember Paul Bogle of the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion?  Click for a photography album (with some text) documenting this episode in our History. 



4.  WHY DID YOU BECOME A MASON?: 'What inducement had you' to become a Mason? See the paper-view  'Why I Became A Mason' where Stewart Pollard of a Lodge in Orrington, Maine, USA gives his views.  Mr. Pollard's views are his own and may not/do not necessarily represent that of English Freemasonry.



5.  VIDEO:  WHY I BECAME A MASON: Video View: 'Why I became .', is the United Grand Lodge of England's - Grand Lodge's - view of it.



6.  THE TRAMWAYS OF KINGSTON. JAMAICA:  Col. Allen Morrison provides a few flashes of Jamaican Tram History tinged with a little nostalgia! 


7.  TIMES ARE A-CHANGING?:  Speaker of the House (of Commons) snubs the Church to appoint first black Vicar of Westminster Abbey.  And a woman, at that!