From a first in 1980 and to what has now become a “Royal Tradition”, the Royal Lodge (RL) has every year, held a function to honour and pay tribute to its Ladies. This is held in February, as close as possible to Valentine’s Day. The many romantics among us – and even the few cynics – will immediately appreciate the relevance and significance of this date.

This year, 2010, plans for the function were well advanced, when a disastrous 7.0 mag. Earthquake struck our neighbour, Haiti. The Ladies then had what turned out to be a great idea, originating from a senior lady of the Lodge, and fully supported by all the other Ladies. Kimberley, the wife of the WM, W. Bro. Christopher Issa, at their request wrote to the Lodge, asking that this year’s Ladies’ Night function be NOT held and that all funds which would otherwise have been expended on this event, should be donated, as their contribution, for Haiti Earthquake Emergency Relief. RL, at its regular meeting on February 1st, after a short favourable discussion, unanimously approved the request.

The Ladies wanted their contribution to go towards assisting the women, children and elderly persons of Haiti, who had been affected. In further discussions, one of the Ladies called attention to the fact that Nationwide News Network (NNN), in collaboration with Haiti/Jamaica Society, was collecting goods (not money) for exactly such a purpose. Contact was made with NNN and Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Bennett, Programmes Manager, provided a list of the items which were critically needed. Two members of RL who have the required influence with the relevant Manufacturers and/or Distributors, were asked to make contact to facilitate the purchase of the identified items at best discounted prices up to the total budget availability.

On Wednesday March 10th, a small group including Kimberley (Issa), Mabel (Marsh), Beverly (Anderson) and Astrid (Goldson), together with two RL members, who assisted with transport, delivered all the well-needed supplies to the offices of NNN at 27 Mannings Hill Road.
The photograph shows (l. to r.): Kimberley, Ms. Myrthe Desulme’ (Haiti/Jamaica Society), Beverley, Deanroy Anderson (JW), Mabel, Astrid, - and from NNN - Ms. Liz Bennett and Ms. Lorna Green. In the background is a view inside the container which is being packed for shipment on March 18th.

One of the objectives of the Ladies’ Night function is to facilitate the meeting and networking between our members and their families and especially to meet and greet the new ones. Therefore, the JW, in consultation with the WM, is arranging a low-keyed function to achieve this purpose, whilst maintaining the sensibility and charitable outcome of our Ladies’ magnanimous gesture.